Asmalı Sahne London Ltd will be a company which provide premium theatre/arts consultancy services to theatre companies, actors, directors and other arts professionals. The consultancy services will be based on three main pillars, theatre/arts management, production and communications, which will include all aspects of the day-to-day management of a theatre/arts business, production stages such as play selection and translation, décor, costumes, casting, drama coaching and publicity/marketing.

Consultancy which speaks to both to their management and artistic sides is something that these (especially medium and small-sized) companies need in this critical juncture and it is where Ms. Kirboga Ciner’s business will come in.

Theatre consultancy, in the industry, has come to denote mainly the physical aspects of the business (auditorium planning and design, acoustics etc.).Although there are some companies which deliver that, there are hardly any which combines business management and the artistic components.

Asmalı Sahne is very strong on the production and creative drama side. As a successful and highly-educated art-directors experience, we can make a difference on the stage. Asmalı Sahne is a unique space with her current theatre by hosting or acting pioneering plays, most of which became their first productions in Turkey. This is not a coincidence. Asmalı Sahne does what is usually not done: Look for new plays, liaise with the playwrights, secure their rights to play, then translate, adapt and where necessary direct and produce them. We have contemporary Turkish playwrights data, translating their plays into English and adapting them for UK audiences.

We could also bring troupes and directors and other stage staff (décor, costumes, sound and light personnel) together for joint productions. We have a strong network both in Turkey and in the UK. with 0ur succesful background in theatre production, we have a unique position to create these collaborations.


Creative drama is valuable for teaching both skills and concepts to young children. Children play naturally, and much of their learning in the early stages of life comes from this active vicarious experience.

Reasons for Using Creative Drama


In business, in school, and in public life, we are often called upon to “make a few comments.” Often, people tasked with such speeches become flummoxed. They might not know what to talk about, or ramble without making a point, or simply be confusing to listen to. This course is designed to help you shine where others falter.

If you’re a beginner, this course will help you quickly master the fundamentals of speaking. If you’re a seasoned speaker, this course will help you better understand public speaking and push you to the next level.


If you are new to acting, take a look at our Beginners Courses, a great way to make a start in a fun, supportive atmosphere before moving on to Improvers and Advanced levels.

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IMPROVISATION:Enrich and develop your skills in this improvisation course. Working in a safe and supportive atmosphere, you will work on the key techniques needed for performing effective improvisations.


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Petek KIRBOGA is a self-made entrepreneur with an extensive background in theatre and communications. She has co-founded and been co-running a prominent theatre company in Istanbul since 2014, with a wide following. She started to work as a theatre professional in 2000 at Akademi Istanbul and worked as an assistant in 2003-2007 at one of Turkey’s largest theatres, the Istanbul State Theatre. While acting in several plays and films. She also embarked on an editorship career in arts and lifestyle magazines, which would later prove to be crucial to create and maintain the publicity of her future theatre company.

The latter proved to be a turning point where the seeds of future Asmalı Sahne were sown. In 2013, Petek Kirboga Ciner, along with a colleague from the master’s programme, decided to found the theatre company that she has always longed for. She wanted to channel her education and experience into creating something of her own and what she does best. And in 2014, she took the bold step of co-founding her boutique theatre company, at the heart of Istanbul’s prominent arts district, Beyoglu and thus Asmalı Sahne was born. These developments led Kirboga Ciner to take steps to gain international experience, for personal and business growth. To that end, she went to Broadway, New York in 2019 and took a directing course at HB Studios and attended Peter Brook’s Young Director’s Workshop.

Mrs. Kirboga Ciner is the co-director/producer/publicist and also a prominent actor at her company. Under her and Muharrem Uğurlu leadership, Asmalı Sahne has proven to be a very influential scene, drawing leading actors and producers acting many inspiring and pioneering plays. Asmalı Sahne mission is to introduce new home-grown and foreign plays to the Turkish scene and create a sincere and thus effective atmosphere in their boutique venue of 45 people. Our efforts have paid off and the company has begun to receive awards, most prominently at the prestigious Sadri Alışık Awards in 2019, (named after a doyen Turkish actor. Asmalı Sahne is often interviewed in Turkish media about their successful theatre venture. This success is boosted and further proven by her company’s 10,000 strong followers on Instagram.

This success in such a short time, is by no means coincidental. Based on a solid background in theatre and arts, Petek Kırboga showed courage and determination to realize her dream. Her diligence and aptitude on and off the stage, coupled with her marketing and communication skills, prove that she has what it takes to run a successful theatre/arts consultancy business in London – a dream destination and the world capital of theatre.

Petek Kırboğa proven and successful leadership of her theatre, her management and artistic skills, coupled with her communications background and international network give her a stronger chance of success in the business she wishes to set up in the UK.